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The competition among tree service companies is tight, but our unparalleled dedication and passion for tree care and customer service are what sets us apart from our competitors. We are New Bedford’s leading tree company that caters to everything and anything trees. Our remarkable records with Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List can back our claims when it comes to the quality of our work. Through the years of service, we have gained the knowledge, tools, and expertise to provide our clients with only the best tree care they could ever ask for. Our client’s satisfaction and happiness give us the drive to work hard each day and excel in our craft. At Angel Tree Service, residents of New Bedford can have a peace of mind that their trees are getting the right treatment they need to live a healthy and long life.

About Angel Tree Services

We care not only about the individual welfare of your trees, but your landscape as a whole. We consider every aspect of your tree’s condition whenever we perform tree maintenance because we understand the needs of your trees and we intend to help them thrive for as long as they can. Our in-house certified arborists are well-equipped both in knowledge and tools, so you can be confident that each time we work on your yard, we work only with the best personnel. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and practices in tree care to ensure that we are compliant to the highest standards of tree care.

Further, your safety is something we cannot compromise; that is why we make sure to have the necessary documents and insurance for your added protection. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, to give you confidence that you will not be held responsible in case an accident happens while we are in your vicinity. Rest assured that we will perform each job with utmost caution to avoid unnecessary events. Aside from that, we also provide our professional employees with worker’s compensation because we not only care about you and your trees but the welfare of our team as well.

We believe that investing in the right equipment is crucial for a high-quality tree service that is why we only use top-of-the-class equipment to aid us with every tree project we do. Our cranes, chainsaws, and trucks are well-maintained, so you can trust us even with the most challenging jobs out there. If in any case, our client refuses to let us use our heavy machinery, we can still complete the task using our climbing harnesses. Whatever is fit for the situation, we can do it efficiently and safely.

You will have plenty of options when it comes to tree companies, including businesses that come to your doorsteps and use flowery words to lure you into doing business with them. Be wary of these types of schemes. Most often than not, these “companies” are not licensed, insured, and bonded, and will leave you hanging once they receive your money. When they injure or damage any of your properties, you will be held legally and financially liable for it, so be careful in giving your trust to them.

    Our service is not exclusive for residential areas, but we also perform commercial tree services. You can have peace of mind that your trees are well-tended and that they are in good hands.

    We always put our best foot forward and go the extra mile to earn and keep our client’s trust. Whatever your tree needs, our team can provide it. Below is a summary of the services we offer. To learn more about each service, you can click the Service tab and choose the service you wish to know more about.

    Picture of employee with orange safety vest splitting a down tree in New Bedford, MA
    Tree climber with safety gear trimming a large tree in New Bedford, MA
    Employee with safety equipment cutting the base of a age tree in New Bedford, MA

    Tree Removal

    There could be a lot of valid reasons for removing a tree. The tree that was once sturdy and tall may now be diseased or dead. Its limbs are starting to weaken and drop on your yard, leaving a hazardous situation in your property. Your tree can also be affected by the recent inclement storm and is now beyond recovery. Your tree might have overgrown and is shading most parts of your yard, inhibiting other plantings from growing, or it can simply be a threat to you and your house’s safety. You should also consider your insurance policy because you might be denied of any damage claims if they figure out there were tree limbs in contact with your roof. Regardless of the reason, we can take down that tree that has become a nuisance, in a safe manner.

    We will carefully assess the situation and calculate each step that we will do to ensure we execute tree removal in the most efficient and safest way possible. We will offer you with a firm quote and decide with you on a perfect day to complete tree removal. Our estimate will give you details about the complete felling of the tree, the tools we will employ, as well as the cost of service. Throughout the removal process, our ground service crew will ensure debris and other dirt are taken care of. We will leave your yard spotless, and you will even doubt if a tree was even there.

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    Tree Trimming

    We can make your tree look more visually appealing with tree trimming. We are skilled in the art and science of tree trimming and pruning and can assure you that your trees will be restored of its health and beauty. When trimming we have two objectives:

    • Get rid ¬†of dead, hazardous, and ugly branches
    • Improve the symmetry and structure of the tree

    Regular trimming promotes growth, increased fruit and flower yield, and enhances the appearance of the tree. We will have one of our experts come to your property to inspect the tree and its location. We will follow-up with a firm quote detailing the service and the cost of trimming and ask you if you have additional requests. We can either use our heavy equipment or safety harnesses to complete the job. Either way, the job will be done correctly. As we leave your yard for the day, you can be assured that no twigs or branches in your landscape because our ground crew will take care of them. Your trees will look better and continue to thrive year after year.

    Stump Removal

    Once we are done with tree removal, you have an option to remove or grind the stump it left. We can leave your yard looking fresh and get rid of that eyesore. We have state-of-the-art grinders that can handle all types, ages, and sizes of stumps.

    We will visit your house or office and inspect the stump to be removed and the surrounding area. Then we will provide you with a detailed quote and set an appointment when we can perform stump removal. Stump grinding is a messy job, but we can make it look seamless and effortless with our skills and tools. We can also replant the ground above the stump with grass or sod to restore its former look.

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    Emergency Service

    When emergencies concerning your trees happen, our experts will be there to help you restore the safety and appeal of your property. We will eliminate all traces of storm damage including felled trees, limbs, and other tree debris.

    Our emergency tree service is available for your convenience 24/7. We are quick to respond and work hard to bring back the appeal of your yard. You can trust us to have the proper equipment and the skills to help you in these difficult situations. We are the company that New Bedford’s residents rely on when it comes to their tree emergencies.

    Lot Clearing

    Whether you have a small backyard or a large commercial development property that you need to be cleared, Angel Tree Service is the company you should call to make it happen. For many decades, we have been clearing different types of lots for various purposes. We give the same effort and commitment regardless of the scale of the job because we always want to make our customers smile with the quality of our lot clearing service. We own heavy machinery that makes us even more capable of handling any lot of clearing job.

    Give us a call when you have a lot that you want to be cleared of brushes, trees, and grass. We are your best choice in the New Bedford area.

    Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

    We provide wood chipping services when you need to get rid of small and medium-sized branches and limbs. We can take care of limbs up to 6″ diameter and take them away or stack them anywhere in your property.

    Firewood for Sale

    When you need wood for burning, we have well-seasoned firewood to offer. We can have it delivered on your doorsteps, or you can have it picked up. We can provide you with as much firewood as you need. Give us a call today.

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