Angel Tree Service New Bedford

Stump Grinding and Removal

When we talk about getting rid of a stubborn stump in your yard, you have two options: you can use heavy equipment and dig the stump together with the root system, or grind it below the earth until it is no longer visible. The first method is the least popular way to remove a stump because of the potential damage it can cause the surrounding area. Only commercial development properties opt for this stump removal method.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, is what our valued clients mostly request for stump removal. The process of stump grinding is one of the messiest jobs in tree service but we commit ourselves to make sure all debris is handled, and no dirt will remain after we are done with grinding. We have invested in premier stump grinders from Morbark to ensure we can finish the job efficiently. With our expertise and proper equipment, we can make sure that we will cause minimal to zero damage to the surrounding ground.

Stumps come in different types, ages, and sizes. The difficulty of removing them usually depends on these factors, but rest assured that no matter what the situation is, our team can effectively grind the stump until your naked eyes can no longer see it. Deciduous stumps may take more time and effort to remove because off their slat and shallow roots, while conifer tree stumps, such as Cedars and White Pines are much easier to deal with. More matured stumps are easier to grind compared to younger ones.  Larger stumps are of course, more challenging to remove than the smaller ones.

Stump Grinding Process

Our systematic method of stump grinding is a four-step process:

  1. We will make use of a shovel and rake to clear the site of any rocks, twigs, and other debris that can obstruct the process.
  2. If the stump is not cut as close to the ground, we will use a chainsaw to reduce its height and get it leveled to the ground, for easier grinding.
  3. We will place the stump grinder above the stump, approximately 3-6″ above it and lower it to the stump and begin grinding from side to side.
  4. After the stump is ground to 4″, position the grinder forward and repeat the process until the stump is down to 3-6″ below the ground.

    Like what we mentioned above, stump grinding can sometimes cause injury to the ground around it. You can also expect wood chips to be scattered all over the area when the process is done. No matter how chaotic stump grinding can be, at Angel Tree Service, you can have a peace of mind knowing that we will take care of every wood chip and debris on the ground. We will rake the wood chips and dispose of them properly. If there are any damages, trust us that we will repair them and leave your yard in a clean and organized state.