Angel Tree Service New Bedford

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Have you seen beautiful and healthy trees in your neighborhood? Do you want to know their secret? Tree trimming and pruning. This is a basic yet useful tool to maintain not just the aesthetic appeal of your tree, but its health, most importantly. When a tree is planted in a critical area such as near a building, home, or electrical line, it can be a potential hazard without you knowing it. Overhanging or dead branches are prevalent in your tree, trimming can do magical things and make your tree look amazing again. When you have one well-maintained tree in your yard, it will affect the appeal of your entire landscape which is why tree professionals highly recommend trimming.

Angel Tree Service is known in New Bedford for providing world-class trimming services for all types, ages, and sizes of trees. Believe us when we say that no tree is ever immune to overgrowing or disease that is why trimming is essential to bring back what your trees have lost through time. If you compare an untrimmed tree with a regularly-trimmed one, you can easily see the significant differences. Trimming can improve air circulation within the tree and allow sunlight to come in which is very crucial to a tree’s growth.

For every trimming project we perform, we make sure to utilize a systematic process and carefully execute each step. With our skills and equipment, you can relax in the comfort of your home, knowing that your tree is treated properly by experts. We also consider nearby properties and make sure we don’t incur damage to any of them.

The Trimming Process

As we do the rest of our service offerings, our representative will conduct an on-site assessment of the tree to be trimmed and consult with you about the method and tools we will utilize for the project. Whether we will use our heavy equipment or climb the tree depends on your preference, so please don’t hesitate to let us know about it. We will perform the job with complete caution to avoid damages and injuries from taking place. We are fast with the job, but we never compromise the quality of our work. When we are done with trimming, we will assure you that all wood and debris have been collected and put in the right place. We can stack the wood or take them away, depending on your request. We don’t leave a work site without making sure everything is neat. We assure you that your yard will look as good as we have found it, except for a better-looking tree.

On the other hand, tree pruning is a less aggressive approach to trimming. While trimming is concerned with larger and major branches, pruning takes care of eliminating smaller limbs. Whether your tree needs trimming or pruning, Angel Tree Service can provide them to your trees. With all the benefits trees provide, they deserve all the caring and special treatment they can get from us.

If you have several trees that you want to be trimmed, we can offer you a multi-tree discount so you can save while making sure your trees are well-tended.